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Pretty Little Liars- Who is A.D. ???

PLL writer I. Marlene King has taken us on a wild ride for the last 7 years.  As an adult in a teenage television world, I find her writing to be the mystery I cannot solve. Each time I do, she takes me on a turn, and then I am wrong, but have I been right all along and just impatient? I hope so.

Part One- Spencer IS the twin we have all been waiting for. NOTE- I do NOT think Spencer (or her twin) is A.D.


I know we have all been looking for clues in the final season of the series but I think the clues have always been there.  I don’t think we have EVER met “Spencer”.

Take a peek at this clue from the intro:


Same dress, same bracelet.  – clue?

Maybe my personal lack of vanity made this next “twinster” clue stand out, but Spencer checks out her reflection an AWFUL lot over the years.


And who can forget all the twin references including this one from a ghostly visit in Season 3’s Halloween special.


And this clue snagged from


The scene above on the left is Season 1, episode 1, leading me to believe Spencer has ALWAYS been..her twin.

I  repeat, I do NOT think Spencer is A.D.  I just think she is worried her secret is going to be exposed.  If you go back and re-watch from the beginning, she is always the most curious.  She is obsessed at times with finding out the clues and the answers.  So much so Toby even questions her deeply in Season 3 asking her why she is so obsessed with these minor details.   Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.

King has referenced the finale will be “heartbreaking”.  I can’t think of more heartbreaking than to find out we have never even met the real Spencer Hastings.

So who is A.D. then?  Well, just like with my twin theory, I have always come back to the same villain throughout the entire series.  Why, EzrA FitzgeralD of course.

King leads me up to the talented Mr. Fitz on several occasions, only to reveal another main player to be our villain.  This episode is the end.  The finale.  The final frontier.  The end all be all.   Have I been right all along?

Here are the clues:

We have learned that years before the show got started Allison had a summer fling with “Board Shorts”  Board Shorts was confirmed as Ezra.  During the summer Ali had a pregnancy scare she confided to CeCe.


I don’t think it was a SCARE..I think Alison was pregnant and had Ezra’s baby.  Her name is Eliza and we met her in Season 7.


Ali + Ezra= ELIZA.   Makes sense Charlotte was bringing her dolls to play with and spending time with her, after all, she would be her niece.   And herein lies our motive for Ezra being A.D.

It’s known that CeCe met Allison that summer, so it’s easy to connect CeCe with Ezra.  She may have stolen the game from Mona at Radley, but she did so under guidance from Ezra.  It also explains why A.D. was so intent on finding out who murdered his friend.  A.D. has unlimited income.  Just like a Fitzgerald?

I won’t go into ALL details of the last 7 years of PLL to prove my theory, I bet they do that in the finale, but I will fast forward to the latest season just to show you I STILL think Ezra is #pllendgame.

A.D. enlists Aria to join the team.


A.D. gives Aria an alibi:


Who else besides A.D. would protect Aria?



Let’s not forget, chances are, this beautiful man was just having one of his cronies remove a dead body from Aria’s car.

I mean after all:


We will see about that Mr. Fitz.


4 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars- Who is A.D. ???”

  1. I think Ezra also is the male donor for Alison and Emily’s baby. Emily’s eggs were just a convenient means to an end (and maybe a way to mess with Emily), but really Ezra wants to get back at Alison for hiding away Eliza and wants to have the child he missed out on. This all started with his obsession for Alison – so although he may love Aria, it seems his true motive for everything is Alison. Just my thoughts. Ezra HAS to be A.D. – I’ll honestly be disappointed if he isn’t.

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