Fat America

If you are overweight and live on Earth, then congratulations, you are part of the majority.  According to a recent study there are more obese people living on earth than those who are underweight and America alone calculates for just roughly about 86 million overweight earthlings.

So why are so many people overweight?

Well, to determine the number of overweight people we have to define overweight citizens..So let’s first define what is fat.

The beautiful Ashley Benson who has starred in numerous television shows and movies was told, not too long ago, she was “too fat” for a role. is a recent pic of the actress.

Ashley Benson

Most would disagree to say overweight.

Ok so maybe we have a few folks who border on the line of being “overweight”  but we know this isn’t the case for most.  Hollywood may have a very different idea of what overweight is compared to the real world.

So what about those who ARE truly obese?

There are so many meme’s and jokes about overweight people and food stamps. How can they be overweight if they are getting free food?  Well, the truth is, food stamps, or the Food Supplement program as it’s called, is just that, a SUPPLEMENT program.  This means that low income families get ASSISTANCE, in getting supplies, not free unlimited food.  Considering low income as a factor for the program alone, we can deduce they have a limited budget for groceries.

So which foods are less expensive?  The kale and spinach salad with cranberries and light dressing for $7.25 per serving or the $2.00 package of frozen chicken nuggets that will feed everyone?


Fresh vegetables and meat are expensive.  Even at value price, it requires a tough budget to eat healthy.  If you are using ONLY the supplemental program to feed a family of 2 or 4 is virtually impossible to purchase only healthy and organic foods.  Even lean meats like chicken are comparably more expensive than greasy, fatty ground beef.

Ok, so you aren’t falling on the line of the Ashley Benson’s of the world, and you have no income restrictions…what else could it be?

According to Cauter EV, et al. Impact of Sleep Deprivation on Hormones and Metabolism. Medscape, 2005 study, we sleep on average 2 hours less than we did back in the 50’s when obesity wasn’t so prominent.


It is a proven fact that sleeping has an effect on various hormones related to weight gain and hunger cravings.

Sleeping less, but going more is a commonplace also.  With busy schedules, sports, outings, summertime fun, holidays, we are a go-go- go hurry, hurry, hurry society. This means less time in the kitchen and more time eating out.  We’ve been told for decades that dining out has effects on our weight.

We don’t know exactly what food are being used, and while some restaurants do include the nutritional information, it’s not everywhere and chances are, you don’t always know all the ingredients you are eating. Not to mention how EASY it is to eat out.

Then of course, our smartphones allow us to communicate with people, share photos, order groceries, virtual tours, virtual doctor’s appointments, get pizza delivery, Chinese delivery, movie delivery really anything delivered right to your door.  And tie it in together with staying up too late ordering it and now your getting double whammy reasons.


Plus it’s really hard to play basketball with your friends if you are too busy documenting every detail to show someone else what they missed out on.  Regardless of your budget, or your late night routines, exercise is still the #1 way to shed those extra pounds.  So if you’ve packed on more than you care to share, start by putting the phone down.

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