People who post fake articles subject to Alien abduction- New study released

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In a new study of the IDGAF sector of private Facebook, it seems that more and more people are being abducted by aliens playing a little game we used to call telephone.

It is easy to make a blog, it is easy to write out fancy words like, study and verified.

What’s more annoying, is that they don’t even know how to tell the difference between a legit study and online blogging.

Just because you can find it in a google search, doesn’t make it true.

Just an FYI..if you see an ad on the page you are reading, someone is trying to sell you something.  So that catchy title, “What every celeb wants you to know about Trump” is really just 6 pages of ads for beauty cream or porn sites.  It’s called, baiting.  Catchy title, lots of ads, they make money, and you make yourself look like a fool.

Social media is a wonderful way to scam money from people.  And every time you share that opinion blog, you’re making it easy and easier for some other person to get scammed. is not a real website.

Neither is

So in order to avoid getting abducted for research on how this human population can even survive in such idiocracy, please, please, don’t believe, and for the love of everything human, don’t share, everything you read.


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