How I cut my Back to School costs by half.

0305-kylie-jenner-insta-2Chances are you are not thinking about Back to School yet, most of us are just getting prepared for the summer break from school.  However, I know the secret to make back to school hassle free and easy!  Plus, this method could cut your supplies cost in HALF! It just takes a little planning ahead.

Here are the tips from our thrifty Mama’s on how to maximize your Back to School budget and make your shopping hassle free.  You get the happiness of sitting back in August and enjoying the last week of summer while your friends post about how they fought another shopping in Walmart over the last red 3 ring folder WITH POCKETS.

  1. Make a list. You can download it from your school’s website or use a generic list.  I have found that not once did last year’s list for the present grade level not work out well.   The list should have all the basics, pens, paper, erasers, notebooks etc.   And then of course the optional items, hand sanitizer, tissues, you get the idea.
  1. The best prices for back to school are not in August, they are in JULY! Office stores have slumps while our kids are on summer break. To compensate, they offer their deals in July to keep the momentum going.  Office giants like Staples and Office Depot put out a circular ad each week that you can review and compare.  I have found more often than not that during July for these two stores can beat out just about any other supply carrier, even the budget stores like Walmart and Target.
  2. In the first week of July, start looking at the circular ads. You have your list, make columns for the stores.  They run great ads all month.  Most of the time you can see the entire month of deals too.  Column 1 for Staples, Column 2 for Office Depot, Column 3 -Walmart. Use any stores you shop at. Check their ads, 100 pencils for 1c.  Be sure to mark the prices for all 3 for EACH item.  That way when you are standing in Walmart looking at glue 2 for $5.00 you can compare.  Maybe Staples has it for 2 cents.
  3. Plan the perfect day.  Now you have reviewed and compared all the ads, have all the items and know which items are cheaper and where.  Pick the deal for your best deals and go.


You miss all the hectic craziness of back to school shoppers because they aren’t there in July.  You don’t overspend because you have your list, and it tells you exactly what is cheaper where and when.  By taking just a little bit of planning time before hand, you can save yourself about half of what you would pay for these items.

I have used this method consistently for 5 years in a row and no one has been able to beat me on a total cost spend for school supplies yet.  But, I challenge you to try!



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