Divided America: Are you Part of the Problem?

I don’t care who you voted for. I don’t care who you are voting for in the next election. I don’t care if this president makes you mad, or if the last president made you mad or if the next president makes you mad. None of those things will stop me from seeing you as a person. A human being. None of those things will stop me from LISTENING to you.

We might have forgotten, or maybe we are just distracted, but as individuals we each get a chance to voice our opinion for politics. It’s on Nov 3, every 4 years.

What is important to me, might not be important to you. I might care about healthcare, and you might care about jobs. I might care about freedoms, you might care about incarcerations. That’s the beauty of America, we are free to care about whatever we want.

The problem comes in when are so clouded in opinions, that we can no longer form our own.

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I know many people, from many cultures, and many walks of life. I discuss politics on a regular basis simply because I am studying to be a lawyer. I don’t take a single thing at face value. A headline or title page does not determine my opinion. I take each scenario and I break it down until there is nothing left, and then I make my very own educated decision.

In the day and age of social media, and the media storms, it’s hard to know what your own opinion is anymore. We read comments after comments, jab after jab, opinion after opinion, but rarely does any regular Joe really dive in and understand a situation.

I will give you an example. Our United States House of Representatives spent all day just this week bickering over whether President Trumps comments were “racist”. How you side with this argument is not relevant to this discussion. One side said, no, it’s not racist and the other said, yes, it is racist. So our government, the people we chose to fight our battles, to make our laws, to be our voices are now spending an entire day determining if the president should be formally condemned.

Do you know what that means? It means nothing. If he was officially condemned, then nothing happens. If he isn’t officially condemned, nothing happens.

So you spent all day arguing over nothing. LITERALLY. When what you are really supposed to be doing is making choices and deciding bills that might make life better for someone somewhere.

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Half of them want to impeach the President, half don’t. I don’t know how old you are, but I remember when Bill Clinton was impeached. And yes he WAS IMPEACHED. Impeachment does not require removal from office. Clinton lied to us, straight to our faces, and it was OK cause he was cool, and smoked weed once, and played the saxophone. Forgiven.

We have to stop labeling people. We have to stop tying political affiliation to race. We have to stop reading just the headlines. We have to pay attention.

The division is deliberate. United we stand, DIVIDED we fall.

We have to stop letting the actions of a small few control how we see EACH OTHER.

LISTEN to your friends, find out WHY they feel the way they feel. Find out why they are so passionate, work together . Don’t dismiss their concerns just because of who they support. You might be missing the bigger picture.

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We are not labels–Democrats or Republicans or Independents. Do not stereotype a political affiliation. There is no one size fits all label for political affiliations and I am SO TIRED of living in a world where there is. You cannot tell a single thing about me based on which box I checked on a registration. You can’t even guarantee which side I will vote for based on that box, because I am not a one size fits all voter. And hopefully, neither are you.

When the person you support says they are going to bring jobs, ask yourself, at what cost to who? Or they are going to provide a free service, at what cost to who? Or they are going to secure our country, at what cost to who? What is it that gets scarified to get what we are promised? That is the question you need to ask every time a politician promises you something they are not guaranteed to deliver.

If 2 million people can come together to find out about aliens, imagine what they could do if they could come together to find out about each other.

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