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ONITB- Season 5’s powerful point.

  You think the new Season of Orange is the New Black is …insert any comment here.  Don’t worry, no spoilers of the latest season of the hit show here.  As a Netflix addict, and ONITB fan, I have already watched every episode of Season 5.    While I find the season to be improbable, and […]


Should we teach Social Media classes in schools?

The conviction of a Massachusetts woman, Michelle Carter has blasted across news and social media sites.  Carter was convicted and found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in connection with the suicide of her boyfriend Conrad Roy. Carter was proven to have sent her boyfriend numerous text messages encouraging him to end his life, something he had… Continue reading Should we teach Social Media classes in schools?


Foreclosed and Forgotten.

Foreclosure. The one word the government uses to imply financial failure, but is financial failure an accurate definition?  In my case, no.  My darling husband decided two years into buying a home that a mortgage was a really big responsibility, so he ran off to pursue a life of crime instead.  He blew all his… Continue reading Foreclosed and Forgotten.